Safezone, Violations and wipe

Hey there, The server map now runs for over a week and the safezone is pretty stuffed with buildings. As our rule section shows, it is not allowed to build in the newbie zone (left picture). The current population of safezone (right picture) shows that people did either not care about the rule or did[…]

Server Wipe, Economy, DDoS attacks

Hey there, yesterday was a very interesting day. As we reinstalled the server on Monday, we had huge lags yesterday. Our server hoster told us there was a DDoS attack on our server IP range. Due to the server wipe, we have changed the Gather rate a bit: Instead of 6x, the gather rate now[…]

TeamSpeak Server and Serverlags

Hi, we have a new Teamspeak 3 Server for the Hurtworld community. Connect to and join the fun. Also we made some researches what produced the lag on our server. It seems like the amount of Buildings and other objects is just too high for the server to process. There are two ways of[…]

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Shop Plugin enabled

Hey Guys,   we have activated the shop plugin. This allows you to buy and sell resources, ammunition and some car parts.   Use /shop to see all available categories and then browse them with /shop categoryname. Buy and sell with /buy itemid amount or /sell itemid amount – each category shows you the ID[…]


Server Performance and Player population

Hey there, we have upgraded the Server RAM with another 2 GB to increase overall server performance, particularily when saving the map. Some players complained about slight lags that occured every 5 minutes or so.   As more and more players come to our server, we are sure the new version and a wiped map[…]


Serverwipe 17.01.2016

Hi, the GanjaPVP server will be wiped tomorrow, the 17th January 2016. Due to the massive changes in the game that happened in the patch from yesterday we see the necessity to wipe the map. ¬†As we experienced quite heavy player numbers we have also put more RAM in the dedicated server in Frankfurt. After[…]


Event: Jabberwocky

Hey,   In December, we had the Jabberwocky event. Around 20 ppl participated and had quite some fun. The aim of this event was to come naked and then collect as many items as possible. Two admins dropped several items from a ridge and told people to catch as much as they can. After the[…]